The Gem Group, Lawrence, MA - 200,000 sq.ft.

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Clients stated that they had a few estimates done in the past to upgrade their lighting to LED. It was felt at the time to be too expensive, not a good return on investment and that LED technology did not have a proven track record.

RPG Solution: RPG performed an energy audit and estimated the utility rebate. The LED dependability issue was satisfactorily resolved when client spoke to past customers of RPG Energy. Based on this information, client felt comfortable enough to proceed. RPG made application to utility's rebate program. The project called for all T5 and T8 highbay fixtures and T8 lowbay fixtures to be replaced by new LED fixtures. All exterior roadway, parking lot and wallpack fixtures also to be replaced by new LED fixtures. All office T8s to be upgrade to LED. Big issue remaining: Production and warehouse operations are in full swing for 20 hours/day, Monday- Friday. RPG to accommodate this schedule by having installation crews work early morning and weekend shifts as needed, no differential to be added to cost.

Results: The Gem Group was given a utility rebate of $92,206.00 toward the project. The utility program also allowed $53,773.00 of the project cost to be put on the monthly electric bill and repaid over 24 months. Overall payback of 1.5 years. Utility estimate of annual savings of 427,000 kwh and $61,900.00.

"Working with RGP energy conservation was great. We have an extremely busy facility, running two shifts and weekends and we needed to be accommodated in terms of not having the LED project disrupt our processes and production.

The contractor and workers used for this project were not only professional and accommodating, they were fast, clean and efficient and were able to meet the projected deadline for completion without any interruptions or delays.

The product that was provided was top quality.

If you're considering converting your lighting system to LED, I would highly recommend using RPG Energy Conservation for your LED conversion project."

- Tracy H.