7 Ways You Benefit from Energy Efficiency and Building Upgrade Projects

1. Reduced Utility Expenses - you can save 50% or more of your current lighting energy costs by upgrading to LED lighting. When you add lighting control solutions, your savings and rebates both increase.

2. Reduced Maintenance Expenses - With all new high-efficiency equipment, you will have almost $0 in Maintenance costs. Many warranties can cover both materials and a contribution to labor. This will either free up your maintenance manpower for other Maintenance tasks, or reduce your expenses if you pay for an outside vendor. We even have programs where we will take care of the lighting maintenance!

3. Utility Rebates Available* - Take advantage of current rebates from your utility company. This will reduce the overall cost of the project. Rebates usually decrease as the technology becomes more ‘standard.’ Next year, or when you eventually install LED lighting (and you will do this sometime), rebates will be lower or gone. Lock in the best rebates now!
*conditional based on your utility provider.

4. Improve the Environment Inside - You will create a much better visual appearance for your employees and customers. Lighting will be up-to-date and standardized throughout the building.

5. Improve the Environment Outside - By reducing your energy consumption, the utility is not calling on as much oil, gas and/or coal to be consumed. Your project creates a reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions.

6. No-Money-Down and Cash-Positive-Financing - We offer several ways to combine the rebates and creative project financing so that you pay no money out-of-pocket and only share a fraction of the savings. We even have an Off-Balance-Sheet option for those who have borrowing limitations.

7. Turnkey Project - We do everything for you: Energy Audit, Project Design and Engineering, Rebate pre-approval, Equipment Installation and disposal of old equipment. You simply enjoy the better building and the energy savings.

RPG Energy Conservation was founded by Richard Gadilauskas with a goal of delivering high quality building energy-efficiency improvements, along with creative financial solutions to make it easy for Business and Industry to achieve these tremendous energy savings.